2 Channel 5V Relay Module With Optocoupler Protection


Channel : 2
Relay Voltage : 5V
Output Type : ACTIVE LOW
Output Terminals : NO/NC/COM

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Relays are important part of any electrical and electronic circuits. We use relays in control applications, switching applications, circuit protection applications and load transfer applications. Relays are also used to provide electrical isolation between two circuits. This 2-channel Relay module comes with Optocoupler protection is an active low relay module which means that the relay will conduct when the input signal falls below 2V and if it is above 2V then the relay is turned off you can also make it an active module by changing the jumper position on the power module. It can be controlled directly with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers easily and dual channel enables you to control two applications at a same time which can come very handy if you want to control the direction of rotation of DC motor with your relay.

2 Channel 5V Relay Module Specifications

  • Optically Isolated relays protect your microcontroller from damage if the equipment being controlled fails
  • 5V 2-Channel Relay Interface Board, each one needs 15 – 20mA Driver current
  • Equipped with high current relays 10A 250VAC
  • Relay output status indication by LED
  • Back EMF Protection

Product Description

2 Channel Relay Module With Optocoupler Protection 5V

Package Contents

1×2 Channel relay module with optocoupler protection

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Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm


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