ACS712 30A Current Sensor Module


Supply Voltage: 4.5V~5.5V DC
Measure Current Range: 30A
Sensitivity: 100mV/A
Low-noise analog signal path


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In Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and battery management systems, measuring how much current is flowing in the circuit is paramount. It decides the capacity of the battery to be used and predict the run time of the battery pack. It is also crucial in the design of safety systems or any circuit to ensure the correct rating of the components is selected. The ACS712-30A Current Sensor Module is a Hall Effect based sensor module to determine the current flowing in a given line. It can measure both AC and DC current up to 30A in both directions. Its output when no current is flowing through it is 2.5V and its scale factor is 66mV/A i.e. if 10A current is flowing through it, then its output will be 3.16V. It also provides isolation from the load as it is Hall Effect Based sensor, so you don’t need to worry about putting an extra load in the circuit to measure current. You should select the current sensor module according to the maximum current you want to measure. You can also check the 20A Current Sensor and 30A Current Sensor.



  • 66 mV/A output sensitivity
  • 5.0 V, single-supply operation
  • Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents
  • Factory-trimmed for accuracy
  • Extremely stable output offset voltage
  • Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis
  • Analog Output so can be easily connected to any Microcontroller



ACS712 30A Current Sensor


To connect ACS712 Current Measuring Module, you need to first power it with a 5V power supply either from a battery or your controller like Arduino. Connect the sensor in series with the line carrying the current you want to measure. The output of this module is Analog so you need to connect to ADC pins of the controller.



ACS712 Current Sensor Module Datasheet

Digital Ammeter with a PIC Microcontroller



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