I2C Serial Interface Adapter Module


Supply voltage: 5V
Size:54*19 mm(max)
Serial I2C control of LCD display using PCF8574
Backlight can be enabled or disabled via a jumper on the board
Contrast control via a potentiometer


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Commercially available LCD display modules like 16×2 LCD display and 20×4 LCD display are great to be used with a microcontroller like ArduinoRaspberry Pi, PIC, etc. to display the data but a standard 16×2 LCD even when operating at 4-bit mode takes about 8 GPIO pins from the microcontroller to display information on it and in the projects where GPIO pins are at a premium, it is a lot. That is why we need a serial to parallel data adapter so that we can reduce the number of pins needed to drive the LCD display modules. This LCD I2C adapter module is designed to fit directly below the standard 16×2 LCD display. Then through this module, the LCD can communicate through the I2C protocol which requires only 2 pins from the controller side, and then uses the PCF8574 IC to receive data from I2C and display them on the LCD screen. It can be used to drive Robotics projects, 3D printers, Quadcopters, etc.



  • 5V power supply
  • Serial I2C control of LCD display using PCF8574
  • Backlight of the LCD display can be enabled or disabled via a jumper on the board
  • Contrast of the LCD screen control via a potentiometer
  • Can have 8 modules on a single I2C bus (change address via solder jumpers)



I2C Serial Interface Adapter


As this Module is designed to fit the breakout pins of the commercially available 16*2 or 20*4 LCD displays, you just need to connect it to the display module and then power the I2C module from the controller you are using with VCC and GND pins. Connect SDA and SCL lines to the respective I2C pins of the controller to send the data.



1×I2C Serial Interface Adapter

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm


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