IC Cooling Leaf (Heat Sink)


Package Support : TO22
Size : 20 mm x 15 mm
Color : As shown in the picture
Material : Aluminium

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With the advent of power electronics and manufacturing technology in past 2 to 3 decades. The IC is getting smaller and smaller and the capacity of the IC is getting is getting bigger. The heat dissipation of the ICs are getting larger with day and thus we need to use a cooling pad (heat sink) which must be used with these IC so that they can be kept cool and work optimally at its peak performance. If we don’t use the heat sink then the performance of the IC will suffer and it has to be run at a lower capacity or else it will burn out and also damage the PCB its soldered to. It uses the air cooling fins on the top that take the heat from the IC and dissipate into the heat into environment. It can be used with voltage regulators, power triacs, power diodes, microprocessors etc.


  • Heat Sink for power IC applications
  • 11mm×5mm×11mm dimension
  • Air cooling
  • Can be used with forced air cooling

Product Description

IC cooling leaf 11*5*11mm

You have to paste the cooling pad on the surface of the IC and make sure you get the good air flow across it to keep it cool.

Package Contents

1× IC cooling leaf 11*5*11mm

Additional information

Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm


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