MAX30100/30102 Heart Rate Oxygen Pulse Sensor


Operating Voltage : 3.3V-5V
Optical sensor 
: IR and red LED combined with photodetector
Measures : Pulse Rate & Pulse Oximetry

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This is MAX30100/30102 based Heart rate sensor. This works on a principle called photo-plethysmography, which means the changes in the volume of blood in an organ is measured by the changes in the intensity of the light passing through that organ hence the emitted light from the LED will be received by photosensor only when there is blood in the vein hence measuring the pulse. The output signal is further conditioned and filtered to give the final output. This pulse sensor module for Arduino provides the biometric data which can be used to monitor anxiety levels, remote patient monitoring or exercise routines. It has an integrated temperature sensor for calibrating the temperature dependence of pulse oximetry system. It also has proximity detection function to reduce power consumption and visible light emission when the user’s finger is not on the sensor. It uses I2C communication to communicate with the microcontroller.



  • LED peak wavelength: 660nm/880nm
  • LED power supply voltage: 3.3 to 5V
  • Detection signal type: light reflection signal (PPG)
  • Output signal interface: I2C interface


Product Description

MAX30102 Heart Rate Oxygen Pulse Sensor

Using this module is very easy you just need to power the device with upto 5V of supply to Vcc pin and connect SCL and SDA to the microcontroller you are using.


Package Contents

1× MAX30100/30102 Heart Rate Oxygen Pulse Sensor

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Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm


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