TTP229 16-Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module


Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.5V
PCB Size: 49.3 x 64.5 mm
Logic Level: High or Low
Touch Switches: 16

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The TTP229 Touch Senor Module employs TTP229 Capacitive Touch Sensing IC to sense the human touch and give the output accordingly. Unlike Mechanical and Membrane type switches, this offers touch-sensitive buttons and better workability and durability. The keypad offers a digital output of the first 8 keys and I2C output if you want to read all 16 keys of the touch module. I2C requires just 2 connections and can be directly connected to ArduinoRaspberry Pi/NodeMcuESP8266ESP32, etc. Since it is a very popular product, you can directly use it with above mentioned controllers without worrying about writing the libraries and low-level code. It can be used in a wide range of consumer products and as a durable replacement of Mechanical keys.



  • Operating voltage 2.4V to 5.5V
  • Built-in Voltage regulator
  • Stand-by current at 3V: 0.25uA at 8 Hz Sampling Rate
  • Two different operating modes: independent 8 Channel O/P and I2C interface 16 Key Mode
  • 2 wires I2C interface for both 16 key and 8 key mode
  • Onboard LEDs to indicate which pad is being touched
  • 2 Wires serial interface can select active high or low by option
  • Provides two kinds of sampling rate: slow sampling rate 8Hz and fast sampling rate 64Hz
  • Optional maximum key-on time about 80sec
  • Auto calibration at power-up (keypad must not be touched for 0.5 seconds after power-up)



TTP229 Touch Sensor


To connect it to any controller board, you need to power the module by VCC and GND pins. You can select the modes using jumper wires and connect it to the Microcontroller using either I2C buses to save the number of pins or digital output pins if you want to replace the mechanical buttons.



Arduino Project Involving TTP229 Touch Module



1×TTP229 16 channel touch Sensor Module

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